Wedding Services

On the most exceptional occasion in your life, your wedding day, you want to feel unique an irresistibly beautiful. So let the professional handle your styling and just enjoy your big day.

Wedding Makeup
Wedding Makeup is a specific style which has to be natural for you to feel comfortable but also has to be suitable and intense enough for the photos and the evening reception. The long wedding day and often extreme temperatures require the makeup to be very durable, which is hard to achieve using non professional products. That is why I make sure I choose longwearing and waterproof products and thorough application to ensure that the makeup stays put until late in the night. It is best to do wedding makeup trial with enough time ahead of the event, where we can choose colors, intensity and the overall style of the makeup. The trial also gives you an opportunity to get the opinions of your loved ones about the makeup and test its durability. I will also recommend products suitable for upkeep of the makeup during the wedding.

Wedding Hair
Hair is one of the most prominent components of the bridal look so it should be given appropriate attention. The choice of a suitable style is influenced by many factors, by the style of the dress and the wedding, shape of the face, hair quality and length and last but not least by the taste of the bride. First and foremost you have to feel good and natural in the style. The trial of the wedding hair is done along with the makeup trial so you can see the whole look. The hair style at the trial is not finished to the last detail so that we can try several variations to choose the optimal one. If you would like to have thicker and longer hair then you naturally have, we can improve the hairstyle by adding extensions made of real human hair, which I have available to rent. The hair style can be finished by a suitable hair assessory like flowers, tiaras or a headband, which you can borrow from me for no extra cost. I have a selection of over 70 pieces of various types and colors to make your style truly stand out. The trial of hair and makeup typically takes around 3 hours. On the wedding day, I will come to do your hair and makeup at the venue for your maximum comfort. The makeup takes approximately 60 min, the hair takes 60 to 90 min. I can also help with makeup and hair for your wedding guests, which takes 30 min for each service. I recommend booking 5 to 9 months ahead but other options might be available. The wedding servis is available in Prage, Brno and surrounding areas, other locations upon agreement. To book a spot, a non refundable reservation fee of 50% of the projected cost of the booking is required. The fee will be deducted from the final bill or used to pay for the trial respectively.

Wedding Hair and Makeup Refresh
As an add on to the weddings service, you can order the refresh of the hair and makeup any time during the day. At a prearranged time I will come to you and fix any small flaws caused by the demanding wedding day. The ideal time for this service is after the photos, after lunch or before the evening reception. The refresh of hair and makeup takes about 30 min.

All Day Care Package
Special day requires special services. Book an All Day Care package and I will be available for you and your guests all day thoughout the wedding. I will fix your lipstick after the first kiss, fix eye makeup if you have been crying, fix the flyaway hair for photos, I can change your hair accessory a lot more. All Day Care package includes bridal hair and makeup with trial, 3 times hair and makeup for your wedding guests (this feature is variable), assistance during the photoshoot, refresh of hair and makeup for the bride and wedding guests during the whole day. Overall this package is over 10 hours of care, which will fit in with your needs. It is recommended that you book this service approximately 10-12 month ahead.