Individual course

Are you lost on how to do good makeup? Do you need to look professional and well presented at work and you are not sure how to achieve that? Do you own a lot of makeup products but you don’t know how to use them effectively? Do you do your makeup every day but you feel it is not quite right? You don’t use makeup but you would like to learn how to use it to your best advantage to polish your look? Then the personalized makeup tutorial lesson is what you have been looking for. During this lesson we will first analyze your makeup related habits and skills and we will sort through your makeup products and tools. Then I will talk you through and demonstrate the steps to perfect makeup, one by one, starting with the right choice and application of makeup and concealer, then powder, contouring, blush, eye shades and more. I will give you advice on colors and products to use so that you can highlight and maximize your best features and mask your problem areas. I will also teach you how to use brushes and trick of the professionals, which will make the makeup application much easier for you. During this personalized session you will have the makeup applied to test it, with me doing one half of your face and you do the other with my guidance and help. You will also have a chance to try grading of makeup from natural daily makeup to a more intense evening makeup. The focus however is on a quick day makeup for daily wear which will only take few minutes but will make a big difference to your look and to how you feel every day. If you get interested in products I use and you would like to supplement your current makeup kit, you can purchase selected products from me directly. This personalized makeup tutorial takes about 3 to 4 hours and it makes for a wonderful gift for any girl or lady. You can also enjoy it together with a friend (max of 3 people per lesson). This service is available in Brno.