Photo make-up

Nude, glamour, pin-up or extravagant? That is just some styles of makeup and hair that I can create for your photoshoot. The versatility and creative invention is what I like the most about photoshoots. Good photo makeup is specific in its requirements for intensity, colors, durability and precision of application, which then greatly influences the hours spend retouching. Before the photoshoot I prepare the model thoroughly from makeup to hair styling to manicure. I have a wide variety of products and tools for all these areas so I am able to create virtually any style. I can also help with the overall styling in photo atelier or in an exterior. During the shoot I check that everything is OK and I refresh any details of the look needing repair or I can also change the look as requested. The photo makeup takes approximately 90-120 min or more with complex looks. This service is available in Prague, Brno and elsewhere upon agreement.